30 October 2010

FASHION'S NIGHT IN 01 November 2010

Are you ready?

It will happen on monday's night at 7pm(greek hour).

I'll will be live blogging between 5pm and midnight to let you know where on the web you'll find brilliant offers, exciting new launches, exclusive fashion films and a multitude of never-seen-before surprises - think Skype conversations with leading fashion designers, styling advice from Vogue editors as you shop and glorious additional treats to enjoy when your shopping is delivered.

24 October 2010

Garance Dore

I'm sure you all know who she is...
Her name is Garance Doré.
Garance Dore is a French fashion blogger and photographer. She chronicles her life and musings on her blog Une Fille Comme Moi (“A girl like me" at garancedore.fr).

05 October 2010


Her visit to the island of Crete has been known for several days, but only for the employees of the hotel in which she is staying and of the Elounda airport. She has asked for privacy and understanding to be able to relax.

Apparently, Lady Gaga has a taste of beauty because her choice of Elounda is hardly accidental. The beaches of the resort are compared to lace for their numerous bays, islands and coastal natural lakes of turquoise blue waters and golden sand.

I Can't believe
I'm so HAPPY :)
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