08 February 2010

Drama Magazine

Drama magazine in London.
Life is a performance and DRAMA is the new stage...
The world's first fully downloadable magazine for your i-phone & i-pod touch.
All this comes alive like never before on the glorious 3.5” hi definition screen. 
Escape to far off destinations with dramatic photography,
browse the latest in designer fashion, 
read thought-provoking interviews about your favorite stars and see what’s up and coming in the world of entertainment. 
You actually feel transported to the scene, 
literally touching what’s before you.
With the pinch zoom capability you can reveal huge detail in each picture:
the stitch of a garment, 
or the line on a face. 
Get up clos e and personal like never before; 
It’s the ultimate, intimate viewing experience.

Specialising in fashion and performance, 
DRAMA Magazine showcases the hottest stars in dance,
fashion, film, music theatre and television. 
For the connoisseurs of fashion, 
the Editor-in-Chief and
fashion photographer, 
Ram Shergill has shot some of his best work exclusively for DRAMA.
Fashion editor, 
Margherita Gardella and the DRAMA team have worked with Harpers Bazaar, 
Vogue, Dazed & Confused and iD Magazine to name just a few, 
so expect to see the very best in luxury fashion photography.

sourch text by drama-magazine.com

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  1. The creator of Drama magazine is well known photographer Ram Shergill.


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